Healing on the Streets

Healing on the Streets is a simple, gentle, street ministry supported by several local Churches in the Banbury area. We believe God loves you and can heal you from: back or neck pain, arthritis, depression, chronic pain, sleeping problems, allergies, headaches, walking difficulty, lung problems, anxiety, digestive problems, chest pain, to any other physical or emotional condition. 

Take a seat and we’ll pray for you it’s completely free!

We offer prayer between 1.00pm and 3pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturday monthly in front of the bandstand on Banbury High Street whatever the weather.

We’re followers of Jesus from several churches in and around Banbury: Banbury Community Church, Bloxham Baptist Church, St Francis Church, The Salvation Army.

Our local coordinator is David Robinson who can be contacted at hots.banbury@gmail.com or via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hotsbanbury517

We encourage everyone to seek essential treatment for conditions for which medical advice should be sought. If you are on any medication STAY on it, under NO circumstances should you stop doing anything a medical professional or counsellor has advised.